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Fox News: Cancer rates rising in young people, Dr. Osborn interviewed

Slowing biological aging could be a new avenue of cancer prevention, says longevity expert

Published April 9, 2024 4:15am EDT

Fox News did a story on a recent study presented at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting that suggests a concerning trend: cancer rates are increasing among younger people due to what researchers call "accelerated aging." Dr. Brett Osborn was quoted in the article.

The story discussed the phenomenon, where a person's biological age surpasses their chronological age, is linked to a higher risk of cancer tumors. Analyzing data from the UK Biobank database, researchers found that individuals with a higher biological age had elevated risks of early-onset lung, gastrointestinal, and uterine cancers.

Moreover, those born after 1965 were more likely to experience accelerated aging. The study's implications extend beyond cancer, suggesting a broader deterioration of younger generations' health.

“Just because a person is 40 years old chronologically does not mean that they are 40 years old biochemically,” Dr. Osborn told Fox News. “In other words, there may be a difference in one’s age – meaning, how long they’ve stood on this earth – and the body’s inner biochemical health, or lack thereof.”

At Senolytix, Dr. Osborn and his team measures patients’ biological age to help measure the risk of age-related disease.

“Typically, the older someone is chronologically, the greater the chance of developing diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart attack and stroke,” he told Fox.

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He said obesity also causes “biochemical abnormalities,” such as insulin resistance and high levels of inflammation in the body.

“As obesity rates rise for a variety of reasons, it should come as no surprise that rates of aging are going to accelerate, along with the rates of diseases such as cancer,” Osborn said.

Dr. Osborn emphasized the need for interventions, like what is offered at Senolytix, to slow biological aging and curb the rising tide of age-related diseases.

The full article by Melissa Rudy was published on on April 9, 2024.