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Fox News: Woman’s life saved when full-body scan detects deadly condition, Dr. Osborn Comments

Patient and doctors reveal benefits and risks of advanced imaging tests

Published March 14, 2024 6:45am EDT

Are preventative scans the next big thing in healthcare? A recent Fox News article shared one woman’s story about how a MRI scan saved her life and the reporter interviewed Dr. Brett Osborn for insight.

Mary Ann, a healthy Arizona woman in her seventies, opted for an elective MRI full-body scan at a SimonMed Imaging facility in August 2023 as a precaution.

The routine scan revealed a large aneurysm lurking in her pancreas, a condition with no prior symptoms that could have proven fatal if left undetected. This unexpected finding led to immediate medical intervention, saving Mary Ann's life and giving her a newfound appreciation for the importance of proactive health measures.

Today, Mary Ann champions full-body scans as a vital tool for early detection and preventative healthcare. Dr. Brett Osborn, a neurosurgeon and longevity expert, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the significant advancements in diagnostic capabilities offered by full-body MRI scans. These scans, he notes, enable non-invasive examinations capable of detecting a wide array of conditions, including potentially life-threatening ones like aneurysms, without the risks associated with traditional imaging methods.

There is the risk of overdiagnosis, however, as Osborn noted.

"This is where benign conditions are detected and treated unnecessarily, leading to undue stress, further testing, and potentially unnecessary interventions and their inevitable complications," he told Fox News Digital.

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Mary Ann's journey underscores the critical role of early detection in healthcare. Despite the risks and limitations associated with full-body scans, such as the potential for overdiagnosis and insurance barriers, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.

The full article by Melissa Rudy was published on on March 14, 2024.