Senolytix by Dr. Osborn

Senolytix is Dr. Osborn’s South Florida-based longevity medicine practice.

I’m Dr. Osborn. I am the Chief of Neurosurgery at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. And while I love taking care of patients and performing life-saving brain surgery, my passion is teaching people how to optimize their health with the attention to detail I bring to my neurosurgical practice. I’d much rather meet you in this office and take you through a 15-minute workout that improves not only your body but your brain health than as a patient in the emergency room with a brain bleed. This is the premise behind Senolytix, my longevity medicine practice. Senolytix is a play on the word “Senolytic,” a class of molecules that induces death in old or “senescent” cells that accumulate as we age and accelerate the aging process. So, if you kill these off, you could theoretically delay, prevent, or reverse age-related diseases. And THAT’S the concept behind the clinic. But we take it one step further. Our goal is not only to help you stave off diseases such as coronary artery disease and dementia but to optimize your health holistically and increase your “healthspan,” or the time during which you remain disease-free and fully functional. Senolytix is proactive, not reactive, unlike mainstream medicine. We don’t wait until you get sick but instead, intervene early. Our mission is to empower you to prevent disease using a science-backed personalized protocol. Senolytix is not a one-size, fits all. It is YOUR ultimate experience in health optimization. Senolytix is about YOU.