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Senolytix Presents

Elite VIP

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Senolytix Presents

Elite VIP Membership

Elite VIP is the culmination of Dr. Osborn's 40+ years in the Longevity & Neuroscience space. Elite VIP members have exclusive access to our state-of-the-art biometric examinations, direct access to Dr. Osborn, and early cancer detection testing.

*Waiting list may apply due to limited capacity - call for availability

Dr. Osborn - Longevity & Neuroscience Space
Longevity Medicine

Senolytix is proud to introduce the Elite VIP membership.

The first ever physician-backed package - combining Concierge Care with Longevity Medicine.

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The Premier Longevity Experience.

Essential Services Included
AI Biological Age Determination
Libido Optimization
Cardiovascular & Cognitive Screen
Body Composition Scan
Complete Metabolic Assessment
5-6 hour initial on-site consultation
3 & 6 month lab reviews via phone
Personal Concierge Physician

Experience tailored, premium diagnosis and medical support from our in-house Concierge Doctor. For those residing or traveling out-of-state, we offer the same exceptional care through our remote Tele-Health platform.

Direct Access to Dr. Osborn

Dr. Osborn is just a phone call away. As the Chief of Neurosurgery at a Level I Trauma Center, he has deep connections with local physicians. Should you have an issue outside of the scope of his practice, he will find someone to assist you.

Early Cancer Detection Test

Galleri is a blood test that screens for 50+ types of cancers. Remember, our goal is to identify problems before they manifest clinically. This is a potentially lifesaving test.

Monthly Consult With Dr. Osborn

Take advantage of Dr. Osborn's knowledge and experience of 40+ years during your monthly phone calls. You have his complete attention during this time, so ask away! He is there for you.

On-site Personal Training

Enjoy one-on-one personal training in our state-of-the art Performance Center with an integrated brain trainer. Mind and body training in only 20 minutes! Red Light Sauna Therapy included.

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"I truly feel like I have a new lease on life."
"In the past year, Dr. Osborn not only cured my diabetes, but I have more energy, mental focus, and drive than I can remember having when I was in my 30s. I truly feel like I have a new lease on life. Thank you Dr. Osborn!" - J.C.
"I really need to buy some new shorts!"
"Two serious issues have come up since I started with Doc in April, I really need to buy some new shorts and it appears a men’s 30” waist is thought to be non-existent by the inventory on the shelves. I could just keep all my present pants and look for the local chapter of the saggy pants gang in my area!" - E.S.
"There’s no point in going to any doctor other than Dr. Osborn!"
"Make no mistakes, 'this is NOT a quick fix, they do it for you' type of team.  This is a caring team that is constantly expanding their knowledge pool and are dedicated to producing programs and monitoring that produce and maintain real honest, notable change. They will provide everything needed (and then some) all you need is the commitment" - C.W.
"Working with Dr. Osborn and his staff has been life-changing."
"After working with Dr. Osborn and his staff for just one year, I was a different person - healthier across the board - bloodwork, energy, weight, fitness, cognition, and much more. Trust Dr. Osborn's system - he has done the research, consults with so many cutting edge practitioners, and really wants you to be healthier in the long term!" - M.B
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Live Leaner
Shed pounds of unwanted fat and gain muscle to protect your bones and joints.
Live Energized
Regain your vitality - namely increased libido & sex drive - and reduce age related fatigue.
Live Longer
Stave off diseases that foreshorten your life through proactive supplementation & diet.
Live Smarter
Reclaim your focus and enhance cognitive function through time-tested neuroscience.