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3-Month Weight Loss Program by Dr. Brett Osborn

The perfect starting point for your weight loss journey. The 3-Month Weight Loss package is "hands-off", and a more limited approach to Medical Weight Loss.

Dr. Osborn's Medical Weight Loss Program
"Dr. Osborn's Medical Weight Loss program included no starvation diets, just permanent results". - E.O

Experience Overview

Let Dr. Osborn change your body’s composition, targeting fat loss, not just weight loss, which can slow your metabolism, causing you to re-gain fat later on. With new medical breakthroughs, there is a better way – a much better way. That’s not hype; that’s a fact!

Personalized Weight Loss Medications
Weight Loss Medications - as prescribed by Dr. Osborn - are included in the price and are delivered straight to your doorstep or picked up within our facility. Expect results from these time-tested medications.
(**A maximum of 15mg of medication is covered in full for the 3-month period).
Initial in-office Consult & Lab Analysis
Lab test analysis by Dr. Osborn’s highly-experienced Nurse Practitioner. Virtual consultations are currently available upon request within the states of FL, NY, and IL.
Starter Longevity Supplements + Get Serious
A copy of Dr. Osborn’s Get Serious and 3 bottles of our Weight Loss Supplement Bundle are provided to you upon your initial consultation.
On-Site Personal Training
Enjoy one-on-one personal training in our state-of-the art Performance Center with an integrated brain trainer. Mind and body training in only 20 minutes! Red Light Sauna Therapy included.
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