Data-Driven Longevity package

Essential Health Program Packages

Our Essential Package is an overall comprehensive health program. Offering patients the pinnacle of Longevity Medicine Diagnostics, and more importantly, a personalized protocol and a time-tested treatment.

At Senolytix, we focus on actionable care and therefore concrete results, not just showing data for datas sake.

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Data-Driven Longevity Essential Package
Live Leaner
Shed pounds of unwanted fat and gain muscle to protect your bones and joints.
Live Energized
Regain your vitality - namely increased libido & sex drive - and reduce age related fatigue.
Live Longer
Stave off diseases that foreshorten your life through proactive supplementation & diet.
Live Smarter
Reclaim your focus and enhance cognitive function through time-tested neuroscience.
Essential services

Data-Driven Diagnostics & Result-Driven Care

Comprehensive Blood Work

Full-body laboratory testing that identifies modifiable risk factors for:

- Inflammation
- Hormone levels
- Blood sugar control & more

Cardiac, Cognitive, & Vascular Assessment

Many people die of heart attack or stroke, and lose cognitive function over time. We use echocardiography, carotid ultrasound, cognitive testing, and arterial screening to obtain a real-time assessment of your cardiovascular and cognitive system.

AI Biological Age Determination

Using an artificial intelligence algorithm, we can determine your biological age. This will be followed annually to ensure that you are progressing - and in fact, growing younger.

On-Site Consultation

During your 5-6 hour visit, you will review the results of your extensive testing with Dr. Osborn and his Nurse Practitioner. Get your personalized plan for lifelong health and an extended healthspan.

Medication Coverage

Select medications - including bio-identical hormones - to reduce your risk for age-related disease will be prescribed. The majority of which, will be shipped directly to you from our compounding pharmacy.

On-Site Personal Training

Enjoy one-on-one personal training in our state-of-the art Performance Center with an integrated brain trainer. Mind and body training in only 20 minutes! Red Light Sauna Therapy included.

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Essential Add-ons 

If you are interested in specific additions to the Essential package, first check out the Elite package, which includes ALL of these additions for a steep discount. Otherwise, mention the add-on you are interested in during your consult.
24/7 Concierge ER Service
Nationwide 24/7 ER Care with Sollis Health. Executive discount applied.
From $5,000
Early Cancer Detection Testing
Early screen for 50+ types of cancer with a single blood test.
From $1,000
Aesthetic Services
Botox, fillers, facial peels, and microneedling
Essential Add-Ons

There is Absolutely Nothing More Important Than Your Health.

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